Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Texcreche accredits the significance of preserving the privacy of our customers at any cost. We respect the trust you have put in us and appreciate your privacy. Through this Privacy policy, we want to inform visitors how we handle user information and collect data on, bookkeeping services, and other accounting services. Our policy applies to all the users no matter they are new users or former users of the website, to all the customers who visit our website, to old customers who use our services, or new users who are about to buy our services. By using our services or visiting our website, you consent to the privacy policy of Texcreche.

What kind of information do we collect?

Contact details – We may need to collect your personal information like your name, email, phone number, street address, city, state, pin code, IP address, and country and pin code. Passwords that you create with us are encoded in an encrypted format and we use them to verify your identity from time to time when you log in to our website or sign in to your account using your devices.

We utilize your email along with the password to verify your identity so you can use our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. Though you can update your services from time to time, we store other details as it is. We may also use your email to send important updates, tutorials, bookkeeping products, and news to you. We always ensure to send you the essential emails and notifications which are useful to you since we also hate spam emails.

Billing information and payment details – We might gather your billing information like your billing address, name, and mode of payment when you choose to subscribe to our services. We never save or keep your credit/ debit card details, card expiration date, or other information related to your credit or debit card. Whenever you complete the transaction using your card, your card details will be fetched and processed by our highly secure payment gateway.

Your demographic information – We may accumulate the demographic details like events you like to participate in, events you prefer, places you like to visit, or any other information that you provided us while using our services. We might collect this information for a survey as well.

Additional information – in case you visit our website, we might gather information like your IP address and the software/browser you are using. Sometimes we may check what site you have been redirected from when you come to our website, the time duration you spend on our site, the WebPages you visit, and when do you leave our site.

Why do we gather your personal information?

We use your information so that we can contact you. We may need to send you the information like receipt of the payment when you subscribe to our services or send you promotional offers.

At times, we might also need to respond to the queries of our users. We may need to send the confirmation details when you choose to register for a contest or an event.

We capture your details so that we can improve our services. We need to improve our products and services from time to time so that we can cater to the ever-changing demands of our users. This can be used to show you the information on the website as per your preferences.

We gather your information for security purposes and we might need to send you updates about new products and features that you might be interested to buy.

Policy updates

We need to keep our Privacy policy updated from time to time. We will inform you whenever any changes to the policies are made as permitted by the law. We will keep the website updated with the new changes we make. Therefore, you are requested to check the website regularly for updates.

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