Services Offered

Our Bookkeeping and Accounting Services are focused at reducing costs of our clients without any compromise on the quality.

Advantages of taking our services
  •   You get professional, experienced team members from the very first day
  • Save money as you don’t need to invest in hardware, support, and maintenance.
  • You can let your TEAM focus more on better opportunities, and meeting goals.
  •   Become more flexible in sizing your financial assets as per the business growth
  • The reduced hassle of staffing a finance team
  • You get precise reporting for better management.
How to set up and get started with us
  • We only require an initial phone call in the beginning so we can discuss the work transition
  • We coordinate and work with your team players to better understand your existing process
  • Complete the documentation with thorough information about all your requirements
  • After that, you approve it and we get the work started
  • You sit back, relax, and see the smooth transition taking place with no disturbance.
How do we take care of Data Protection?

We truly understand that Data protection and privacy is extremely important and critical to the success of your business. Therefore, we follow strict procedures to make sure your data stays safe and reliable in a safe place and we seriously follow the predefined guidelines set to ensure your data is safe and confidential. Following are the ways using which we secure your data:

Provide physical protection
  • We have security guards available 24/7 to protect and guard our office premises
  • We have deployed a secure access control mechanism and fingerprint scanners for better data security.
  • There are CCTV surveillance cameras installed in all corners and all floors of our office.
Offer network and advanced I.T. security
  • Your data is secured and protected by multi-layered security gadgets working 24/7
  • We use the latest anti-virus programs and anti-malware software
  • On the floors, there are no removable hard drives
Various Industries we serve:

Website Development

Digital Online Trading Services

Beauty and Fashion Industries

Consultancy and Recruitment

Property Consultation services

Portfolio Services

Application and Software Development

Building Material Companies

IT-Software/Hardware Management

Rental services

Paints and Cement Industries

Real Estate Ventures

Interior Designing services

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